Why this blog?

Here is why I have started writing this blog called ‘Journey to Brahm Varchas’.

Through this blog, I want to share my journey of a beautiful lifelong saadhana that I have started to connect to Bharat’s very strong and evolved vedic foundations that can shape the current India !

Time is always in motion in form of Kaalchakra. Life would have changed a lot in the last 5 years for many. My life has changed a lot as well – from what I used to be to what I am now – personally, professionally, mentally and spiritually – and is still changing, progressing.

What I used to be..

What I am now..

A lot of people I know, find these changes somewhat unbelievable, bold, daring, unrealistic, motivating…I can add on a lot to this list 🙂 Whatever might be their observation, one thing that all of them say unequivocally is that I should share these experiences, the changes, various learnings and the uniqueness (they see it as so!) in my perspective.

While my perspective may or may not be unique, but as someone who now has seen both ways of life – the modern world way of life and the vedic-satvic way of life – I can now see and understand a lot of what is truly different, what surprises and difficulties one faces if adapting to a vedic lifestyle. Thus, I draw very different observations and sometimes even conclusions from the same situation that I used to ascertain differently earlier. And I am here to share them with you. I would try to write both in Hindi and English languages.

There isn’t going to be any chronology in which I knit and share my experiences and learnings, so enjoy the waves as they come!

~ Anshu

Author: Brahm Varchas

I am here to share my journey from the regular run of the mill life to reach Brahm Varchas - the pinnacle of knowledge and existence !

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