Anshu Dubey

A perpetual learner! After working for 20 years in IT-Fintech, have moved to Vedic Education. Began a journey at a time when people start to plan their retirement, started learning the Vedic content knowledge and teaching at a gurukul. Vedic knowledge is a vast sea, if I can get even a handful of it, I would consider this lifetime successful. Ishwara has been kind to bring me to Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam which is the knowledge temple for all the shastriya and vedic truths I am learning!

Brahm Varchas

Brahm Varchas’s vision is to see India with not just a literate but educated and knowledgeable young population. India’s development needs to come from its rich, highly developed, scientific and virtue lead past. Indian education should not always be ‘catching up’ with the western incremental discoveries of what our ancestors have derived already after generations of observations and corrections

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