Method of Reading Indian Texts


Diet and routine focused parenting: 0-5 years
Behaviour and habits focused parenting: 6-10 years
Thoughts focused parenting: 11-15 years
Friendship focused parenting: 16-20 years
Role model parenting: 21-25 years

The method and system of reading Indian classical (shastriya) texts are specific, and similarly, there is also a method and system of teaching them. In the Indian tradition of knowledge and the unbroken guru-disciple lineage, texts are read under the guidance of the guru, and a worthy disciple is taught. The guru imparts knowledge using a method suitable for the disciple. Although one can study by oneself, the correct interpretation and complete essence may not be derived. In the absence of a guru, entering into studies becomes increasingly difficult day by day. Consequently, there is significant harm to knowledge today by self-study, due to incomplete or distorted interpretations of texts, and it is also resulting in a misinterpretation of texts, especially the Puranas. An attempt is made here to bring various dimensions of the shastriya and effective method of reading texts, as taught by traditional Acharyas, in the form of courses. These are only meant to bring the curious to the threshold of study. Comprehensive study will only be complete in the presence and guidance of a qualified guru.

which Pujya Vishwanath Guruji recorded in an experimental & practical form for modern times through years of penance and revision.

The all-round Indian knowledge of the upbringing of children from birth to adulthood lies  at the core of the ideal family system that has sustained Bhartiya civilization & society for over 10,000 years.

Vedic parenting is the science and art of teaching parents to behave appropriately towards their children with proper examples.


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