Garbh Vigyan


Diet and routine focused parenting: 0-5 years
Behaviour and habits focused parenting: 6-10 years
Thoughts focused parenting: 11-15 years
Friendship focused parenting: 16-20 years
Role model parenting: 21-25 years

The development of human life occurs in three stages - the first being the prenatal stage, the second childhood, and the third youth. Among these stages, the prenatal stage witnesses the most significant development of a human. Therefore, prenatal care is the most crucial aspect to focus on. The initiation of a child's unique assimilation begins even before birth. Scientific knowledge, starting from the prenatal stage, including pregnancy in detail and until postnatal care, is succinctly termed as 'Garbha Vigyan.' Garbha Vigyan includes prenatal practices, prenatal care, caution during childbirt and adherence to rules for both the newborn and the mother.h, Extensive discussions on the subject of Garbha Vigyan have been carried out in Vedic literature and all kinds of texts, especially in Ayurveda, and all solutions are available.

which Pujya Vishwanath Guruji recorded in an experimental & practical form for modern times through years of penance and revision.

The all-round Indian knowledge of the upbringing of children from birth to adulthood lies  at the core of the ideal family system that has sustained Bhartiya civilization & society for over 10,000 years.

Vedic parenting is the science and art of teaching parents to behave appropriately towards their children with proper examples.


Garbh Vigyan (Encyclopedia)


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